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    Jose Luis
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    air filter replacement, V6 (B284L) engine

    the tools that it takes:
    • torx T25

    • hexagonal socket 7mm

    the parts needed:
    for an air filter use genuine Saab parts for the best performance.

    difficulty rating:
    not so difficult for people of mechanical skill.

    rough time estimate for the average DIY:
    about half and hour....... take easy your time.


    • -remove radiator beam screws that secure the intake pipe of turbo.

    unscrew the two bolts (T25) of the air hose see picture:

    • -disconnect the hose from the filter cover (7mm socket):

    wires too tight in the brown connector.
    I unplug for easy and security to avoid damages in the terminals.

    -secure with a cloth the entrance of the intake pipe of turbo to avoid dust in.

    • -remove the top of the air filter box

    see the filter after two years:

    clean the housing air filter....as much as you can... air compressed if you have.
    or a household vacuum cleaner. never mind, I use a cloth and brush.

    please note to protect the hose air admission to the turbo.

    • -mount a new filter

    • assembled in the same way but in reverse way.
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