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    Fuel Supply line Check Valve Question

    I'd like to replace my check valve on the Fuel Supply line in my 9-5. The arrow in the photo points to the union between the fuel line and the (white) check valve. the plastic fuel line is really hard stuff, I considered using a heat gun or maybe a hose removal tool. Has anyone out there been successful in separating the check valve from the fuel line without having to cut the line? I would rather not cut the line if I don't have to. I'm wondering if there's a tool out there that will assist with this process? Thanks

    I should mention that the point of the exercise is to eliminate a problem with hard starting when cold. I've read that the check valve "ball" can stick in the valve, allowing fuel to drain back into the tank when the car sits overnight, which in turn means a longer cranking time to get your fuel pressure back up in the morning. I've tried cleaning and or replacing many other parts to solve this issue, replacing the check valve and replacing or rebuilding the battery cables are about all that I have left to try.
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