1990 Saab 900 SPG from the Saab USA Heritage Collection

It is not very often Saab enthusiasts have the opportunity to own a Saab from the former Saab USA Heritage Collection. This red 1990 Saab 900 SPG was offered for sale by Park Avenue Lotus in Maywood, New Jersey in February 2013.

The Carfax report showed the car was first inspected in 1993 in Atlanta, Georgia. This was the former headquarters of Saab USA. The car was registered in Michigan in 2004, the same year when the Saab headquarters were moved to the Renaissance Center in Detroit. The car changed hands in June of 2012 and put up for sale in 2013.

It was expected this Saab wasn’t going to sell for cheap so the winning bid of US $23,532 was not really a surprise.  A search for the VIN doesn’t give any information on the current location of this Talladega Red 900 and we hope it is taken care off by a car enthusiast who enjoys it.  And that includes driving it often because that’s what Saabs were made for.

Bodystyle 3 door Hatchback
Engine 2L I4 16V
Transmission 5-Speed Manual
Ext. Color Talladega Red
Int. Color Buffalo Grey
Mileage 54,450
VIN YS3AL35L7L3003053

More information about this Saab 900 SPG: http://saabworld.net/wp/1990-saab-900-spg-heritage-collection-saab-usa/


  1. wonder if they ever put the right bumper extensions on that car yet. It had non SPG ones on it for the longest time. Also the hazed headlight had broken buckets @ Carlisle the one year. Hope it’s 100% right and in tip top shape if they want tip top money. Still a great looking car worth the $10-15,000 rane IMHO – if you’re into that sort of collecting and not driving them thing.

  2. Both my older Saabs, C900 and NG900 have glass headlights, never seen them pit that bad where they look like dull plastic lenses, especially on a low mileage car like that. How can those headlights be so weathered on such a mint car? Perhaps they were replaced with **gasp** used parts?

  3. Yes, I was just thinking how my girlfriend’s beat-to-hell automatic 2.1 with an SPG kit to hide rust holes has a better put-together front end than that, and I rescued most of those pieces from a car that was being slowly eaten by vines after running up 350,000 miles in New Hampshire salt…did I mention it has been crashed too?

  4. That doesn’t mean it never was in an accident. I think the main type of auto titles are clear, salvage and rebuilt. No accident history on the Carfax doesn’t guarantee it never was in an accident either.

  5. Title clear simply means that you have a title in your possession or that you can get it from the bank or lender easily. It has nothing to do with an accident.

    A salvage code on a title means that the car was totaled and there are two reasons, one being that the price of repairs exceeds the value which perhaps is no big deal. The other is serious and means major damage. Body shops will often take two “clips” and weld them together where a donor car is used for the front and another for the rear, not illegal but ..

    My old neighbor used to launder “S” code titles by sending them to another state that uses a different code like “T” for total. Since New Jersey uses “S” and the other state “T” it then gets a simple code as a suffix such as “A” for first owner, “B” for second and so on. This is common in states and I will never again buy a car that “lived” in Florida for a year or New York. You get someone to send the title down and register the wreck in another state where a title gets issued and then send it back after it “cools” off for about a year.

    Living in NJ I was thinking of tossing a bid but even before looking at the pics it was near $25,000 yesterday.

  6. For the same money, you could buy a mint red 1990 Porsche 944 S2 with 18K miles that was on eBay at the same time.

    I like old Saabs but perhaps not that much..

    What would you buy for $23K ?

  7. Saab-wise, I think 23k would buy you a 9-5 Aero for the long trips, an SPG for fun, a NG900 for daily driving, perhaps even a 9-4 vert for the sunny days. And you might have money left over for a Sonett V4 or some spare parts for the above…

  8. This is my favorite SAAB model. However, for $23k, I would hope to at least grab one or possibly two of Paul Perry’s gorgeous SAABs from his collection, currently being auctioned on BaT — preferably the ’68 Sonett Race Car and the ’73 96!!!

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