Saab 92 brochure – Sweden

17 September 2016 SAAB 0

Saab 92 brochure originally made available on and shared here on SaabWorld with permission. Click any thumbnail to view larger images.  You can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to go to the […]


Auction: 1953 Saab 92B De Luxe Saloon

30 March 2016 Frank Wulfers 0

Former Saab importer and distributor Beherman Group for Belgium and the Netherlands put up their Saab collection for auction in 2014. After the Saab Automobile bankruptcy in 2011, Beherman continued to sell and distribute as part of […]

Press Releases

1952 Saab 92 – Heritage Collection Saab USA

15 March 2016 SAAB 0

Often described as an airplane without wings, the 92 (earlier model designations belonged to Saab aircraft) was created in the aftermath of WWII as a rugged, low-cost and practical car to safely conquer the rough […]