Aktuellt om SAAB – documentary from 1960

This documentary News about Saab is narrated in Swedish without sub-titles but is still very interesting to watch even if you don’t understand the language.  Technology, manufacturing and testing cars changed quite a bit in the last 50+ years and this documentary is a window to a car world that is hard to imagine these days.

The first part of this 17 minute movie is mostly about SAAB’s airplane and technology business. The second part about Saab cars manufacturing starts at 8:53.  The Saab 95 and 96 were manufactured in 1960 and the factories in Linköping and Trollhättan made 30,000 yearly.

Below are enhanced still images from the movie. One of the pictures shows an engineer laying on top of the hood looking at the engine through a plexiglas window.  This testing was done to see if any water would enter the engine compartment.



  1. Geez, I haven’t seen a stroker on film for a while – unless it’s been barrelling along on a rally track in some crackly old film. When seen slowly trundling around inside the Saab car park you can properly see the smoke billowing out the pipe. A pretty ugly scene these days! I couldn’t imagine sitting in stop/start traffic or in a tunnel with a large number of them…yuk.

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